CKC Adventures: 6 days / $1350


          Join us for a week of adventure as we explore the trails, rivers, and rocks, around camp and the surrounding National Forests. Each week of July, trips focusing on various activities will depart from camp and explore some of the region’s most rugged and beautiful places. The groups will be made up of ~8 campers and will have 2 excellent staff members to guide and teach. Read below for some details on each CKC Adventure type:


▪   Multi-Adventure trips will use camp as a home base as they spend their time enjoying the activities we have on and around our property, and--for our older groups-- exploring the surrounding forest on a 3 day backpacking trip. These trips have no prerequisites.


▪   Our Mountaineering trips focus on climbing and backpacking adventures. These trips will explore the rocks and trails of Pisgah National Forest while building confidence and friendships.


▪   As is normal for our Paddling trips, these are frequently co-ed and are divided by skill level. Beginner level campers will learn to direct a canoe and will then move on to basics of river navigation. Intermediate and advanced level trips will be for campers with previous experience: Intermediate will spend their week on class 2 and 3 rivers while the advanced will start with class 3 and move on from there. Our Freestyle course is dedicated to campers who have prior experience kayaking with us; they will focus on improving their technique and learning freestyle play moves. Campers for all levels need to be strong swimmers.


▪   Our JC Expedition is a backpacking leadership program for eligible rising 11th and 12th graders. This course focuses on growth in leadership and friendship through the challenges and adventure of the wilderness and through deep discussions on camps’ core values and the camp prayer.


      Space is limited so sign up quickly!  Interested families can apply HERE.



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Follow the link you wish below to fill out the needed application:

Bring Camp Home Online Camp Application

CKC Adventures Application

Family Camp


Then, please call the office to pay via credit card (preferred).  Camp will cover the processing fee. Your payment in full, with your application, will hold your spot!  (828) 884-6834 is our office line.


Sign ups will be on a first come, first served basis. If spots in your desired dates are full, though, please call and add your camper's name to the wait list so  we can add another trip if possible!



What health measures are being taken at camp this year?

COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge to our community and we take it and the safety of our campers and camp families seriously. For that reason, this year we have new protocols in place to help create a lower risk environment. While we cannot guarantee a COVID-free summer, these steps will help us to control exposure and keep camp a wonderful place to be this summer.


* Pre-Arrival - For the 2 weeks prior to arriving at camp this summer, we ask that all camper families carefully consider and work to minimize their risk for COVID exposure by practicing social distancing and other recommendations of the CDC. Upon dropoff, we will ask the parent/guardian to sign a statement verifying that these precautions have been taken and that, to the best of their knowledge, the camper has not been exposed to any COVID cases nor shown any symptoms. If the camper shows signs of COVID or tests positive for COVID or has been exposed to COVID, please call the camp. The camper will be unable to attend until cleared by a Doctor.


1.  Arrival: Screening and dropoff - Upon arrival, campers will be dropped off in front of the office at Camp Kahdalea and (per our health department’s recommendation) we will ask that everyone else remain in the car to limit exposure for our staff (we know this may be so hard, but our counselors can’t wait to welcome your child and make them feel at home!). Campers will also undergo a temperature check and health screening, and we will ask parents to verify that, to the best of their knowledge, the camper has not been exposed to any COVID cases nor shown any symptoms. If the camper’s temperature is elevated, we will retake the temperature and consult with our medical staff, but he/she may be unable to join us that week.


2.  Daily Health Checks - Campers and staff will have daily health check-ins and temperature checks so that symptoms can be discovered quickly and checked by our camp medical staff.


3.  Sanitation Protocols (in camp and in the backcountry) - Whether in the frontcountry or backcountry, sanitation will remain important. All of our campers will be washing hands prior to meals and at other key points in the day. Each of our groups will have hand washing supplies and hand sanitizer. Meals will be prepared and served by staff members wearing proper PPE, and commonly touched surfaces, including group shared gear and parts of the van, will be disinfected after each daily use.


4.  Social Distancing - Our small groups and open-air, outdoor, environment will allow a certain amount of natural social distancing and decreased risk. In addition to this, groups will social distance from one another and will wear masks in situations where close contact is unavoidable, even within their own group (while riding in vans, for example).


5.  Communication - Honest and open communication with our camp families is one of our strongest assets! We want to work together as a team to keep this community safe. That means we will expect our camper’s families to reach out to us with any concerns (we are always happy to hear from you!), and that, in addition to our regular communications, we will be in touch as quickly as we can be throughout the summer if your child shows symptoms or has possibly been exposed to COVID-19.


Is a COVID test, or other measures, required before arriving or upon leaving camp?

We will not require COVID testing before or after your camper’s arrival. We do, however, ask that campers quarantine to the greatest extent possible during the 2 weeks before their trip and we recommend it upon returning home, as well.


Should anyone not come this year?

While we believe our programming to be a great way to spend the summer, and while we are taking reasonable steps to help limit the risk of COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that our trips or other summer experiences will be COVID-free. Thus, if your camper or a member of your camper’s household is at higher risk of serious complications from Coronavirus, or if you are uncomfortable with an increased risk of contracting COVID-19, we encourage you to wait for a future year.


Is there a minimum number of campers needed for any given trip?

Yes, if a trip does not have a minimum number of participants we will look at shifting campers to another CKC Adventure trip or consolidating trips. We will work to give as much of a heads up as possible in the event of this happening, but notice may be short in some cases. Thank you for your willingness to be flexible!


What if this will be my camper’s first year and his first experience of camp?

We are so excited and can’t wait to have first-timers join us! This won’t, of course, be our normal summer experience, so if your child was signed up for one of our traditional sessions we think it is important to make sure they are ready for these small group adventures. That said, we can’t wait to meet them and we are confident they will have a great week.


Is wilderness gear provided?

If you have your own gear, we encourage you to bring it, and if you would like to own your own equipment, our camp store can help with that! But, Yes! CKC will be happy to provide all of the basic wilderness gear needed for the Adventure, including: backpack, groundpad, sleeping bag, tarps, cooking equipment, utensils, bowls, cups, water bottles, etc.

Of course, campers will need to bring their own clothes, warm gear, rain gear, personal items, etc.


How should we pack for the CKC Adventure Trips?

Campers should pack just as they would for a normal multi-day trip at camp--the leaders for each group will be helping campers to pack their bags correctly before they leave our campus. Be sure to bring a couple of masks and some hand sanitizer this year in addition to the normal gear! As our Adventure groups will be going into the backcountry, try to pack lightly remembering that you should be able to carry everything. If you will be using one of the camp's backpacks, feel free to bring your things in a trunk or container and we will switch it over before you leave on your trip.


Our recommended packing list will be sent out with other Adventure information 2 weeks prior to your trip.  If you are signed up and would like one earlier, please reach out to our office!


Can our deposit or tuition for a canceled 2020 session be used to cover a CKC Adventure, Online Camp, or Family Camp?

Tuition for our new programs is separate from rollover from other sessions. However, if necessary and upon special request, we can allow rollovers of tuition though not the rolled-over deposit.


What about the camp store?

Our camp store will be open! Please feel free to make deposit with the office when you call to register. We recommend $75-$100 for the week.


Is there a bus available to camp for any of these sessions?

We will not offer a bus to camp this year due to COVID concerns. We strongly recommend campers drive to camp.


What happens if a staff member or camper shows symptoms of COVID while at camp or on trip?

If anyone shows symptoms of COVID-19 while at camp, he/she will be removed from the trip to be evaluated by our camp medical staff. Pending that evaluation, the camper may need to be tested for COVID.


What happens if a staff member or camper tests positive?

If a camper or staff member tests positive they will be put in quarantine with, to the best of camp’s abilities, their own room and bathroom. Campers will need to return home and parents must be prepared to pick them up within 36 hrs.


What if our camper is sent home in a situation related to COVID?

We will offer a prorated refund, less a $100 fee, from the time your camper leaves camp.


Is my camper required to wear a face mask?

At certain times, like when riding in a van or at our first or last night’s campfires, campers will need to wear a mask.


My son/daughter would have been a JC this year. Is he/she able to join a trip?

Yes! See our JC trips above! We are also providing an exemption from our standard one trip policy, so JCs are more than welcome to join one of our other trips open to their age range as well.


What if the state doesn’t enter Phase 3 as planned?

If the state has not entered Phase 3 by the time the CKC Adventure is set to begin, we will reassess our ability to offer programming. In the event that we are unable to operate your trip, we will do our best to find a place for your camper on a later trip. If that is not an option, the cost of the course will be refunded to you.


Why are Kahdalea and Chosatonga able to offer Adventure Trips and Family Camp but cannot offer our regular camp sessions?

Our Adventure Trips programming allows us to provide a smaller group environment with lots of time outdoors and lower risk of exposure. Our Family Camp programming, with family groups acting as individual and socially distanced groups, acts similarly, allowing us to significantly decrease exposure and risk. Due to our state’s regulations, we were not able to offer our regular full-camp experiences and multi-week sessions.


Can my camper join for more than one CKC Adventure?

At this point we are only allowing one sign up per camper; however, if you are interested in other sessions, please let us know and we will add your name to the waitlist and let you know quickly if we are able to offer you a spot! We are working to provide at least some mountain and community experience for as many as possible.


We are so excited! What do we do!?!

Sign up! We can’t wait for you to join us!

To guarantee your child's spot, give our office a call to pay via credit card (preferred). Your payment in full, with your application, will hold your spot!





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